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Mylène Mai is an artist and a member of Atelier d’Art de France. She creates wall sculptures in scarved plaster, then patinated. There is in this choice of material, a desire to give nobility and poetry to a simple material.

She has developed a unique technique allowing her to create wall sculptures in a resolutely contemporary style. These are finely sculpted works, sometimes of monumental dimensions. Through her innovative know-how, she modernizes the technique of bas-relief. She is inspired by the plant and mineral world, observes the structural organization, the rhythms and the sequences of what makes up our environment. She captures this language and transcribes it in her own way by chiselling the plaster. His intention is to create the sensation of a living work responding to the laws and architecture of nature. She creates abstract works, rich in imagination, where each piece is unique.

Artistic career

Mylène was born in 1988. Self-taught, member of Atelier d’Art deFrance, her career evolves between contemporary art and crafts. She creates artworks, mainly bespoke for individuals in France and abroad. She also collaborates with high- and architecture agencies & decorators in the luxury and yachting sector.


— A work that is both physical and delicate that combines the masculine and feminine aspects of her approach. Her gestures are precise and flexible. Ample curves appear leaving an imprint of softness in a rough material. Movement orchestrates and animates matter. —

Caroline Canault, art critic


Available at the workshop or bespoke


Most of the works are made to measure, in the desired formats, on simple request.

However, some pieces made for exhibitions are available at the workshop. You can contact us to find out about them, to find out about prices, delivery methods or any other requests.



100 x 100 cm (detail)


120 x 120 cm (detail)


in Burgundy

Open to visits by appointment, 2h30 from Paris and 2h15 from Lyon, near exit A6.


for all requests

Phone.: +33(0)6 65 75 34 00

Workshop at 4 Rue de Mont Saint Jean

Hameau de chazelle l’écho

21390 Fontangy